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Myths and lies about faith must be debunked!

Sound familiar... Yes. But is it like this or not? Maybe our faith was something different, something wrong or mistaken in our past? What we gonna do to change that?

Religion and faith is not only the greatest marbles. Vanity changed people mind and created new atmosphere and disgusting view. Told everyone - 'Satan lived in Russia in Iraq and every place of the whole Earth where corporation had enemies'. Who rules of this world? Faith is only suggestion but man could be triggered and understand. Who are we? Really, not false or mistake? Who are we in real live in truly situation? Myths and lies about religion and human faith must be debunked! Only this way we could change our future! One nation from human population, waiting for Creator. One nation are every human who has a law and live in justice place on Earth.

The world had and shall have got the silence slaughterhouse which do it well as well they can do it - good them job! Only silence, above off human eyes. It is unfortun…